Nesting Box Mix

My lucky hens get the luxury treatment when it comes to... well everything, including laying. I Make a nice mix of herbs for my hens in their nesting boxes. The mix includes:
Lavender-  lavender is calming and relaxing, perfect for the nesting box.
Mint- is a brilliant natural bug repellent I use it throughout the coop.
Rosemary- mainly used as an insect repellent and to make the coop smell lovely it also works as a pain reliever and is great for respiratory health,
Thyme- aids in respiratory health, is antibacterial, an antioxidant,  and is anti-parasitic.
Rose petals- are highly aromatic, they make the coop look and smell wonderful, they are high in Vitamin C, and are an antioxidant. 
There are plenty more beneficial herbs for chickens which you can read more about on the wonderful Fresh Eggs Daily blog, where the lovely Lisa shares how she cares for her hens and ducks naturally. This is my go to blog for all things chooks. I use these herbs in my coop because of the many benefits to the hens health and they all grow in my garden. The plans for next years herb garden are entirely based on the girls! Which I will be sharing soon enough. Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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