Let's get real for a moment here...

Aren't these pictures sweet?! My little boys having a little tea and biscuits snack after school. This was a one off. There aren’t enough hours in the week to bake everyday, to play perfect families. It’s just not realistic. Some days I don’t do anything! The worst thing is when I feel bad for being defeated. This is something that I have been steadily improving.

I had a lazyish morning this morning. Luke was happily getting ready for school and so I went and enjoyed a cup of tea. Came back to make sure he was ready to go and he was still in the bath which he had filled to the very brim with more bubbles than a Willy Wonka fizzy lifting drink! This is when I put my face in my palm and take a deep breath. Right….. quickly pull out the plug!

At this point there is only about 15 mins till we need to leave the house. Pull this bubbly hot mess out of the bath and tell him to get dressed as fast as he can. Run downstairs to the breakfast waiting at the table for him and pour the milk, at which point I shout “if you’re not quick your having soggy shredded wheat”. To be fair he was very quick, thank goodness. Breakfast done and there’s a mad dash to the door for shoes and coat and away we go. The school is about 2 miles up the road, and its pouring with rain. So, we are driving.

Drag this little poppet out the car, hand him a book bag and PE bag, his jacket was half on and he was holding some toast and a letter for the teacher. We ran up the hill to the school gates all the while luke’s giggling away about some game he plays on school days. We get to the gate, and I tell him to shove the toast in his mouth and get in class, as I hear the bell ring in the distance. With a huge full mouth of toast, I try to wipe the crumbs off his shirt, tell him “oh, it doesn’t matter about the crumbs, you only live once.”  Gave that little pickle a big toasty kiss and watched him waltz off to the class room.

Some days we are up and ready with time to spare, but some days we aren’t and you know what that’s life. That’s okay. I am happy with that. So long as we are happy and doing the best we can do then, hot mess days are fine.

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