The Chicken Run

It's taken many months to complete the girls run. They have been in there for about a month now and already I have plans to change it. They love having lots of space to run and scratch around. They are also let into the garden in the evening to free range a bit more.

The area where their run is, was a total weed paradise when we moved in. We laid the new grass on the lawn and left an area clear... it didn't stay clear, it was a mess. I cleared the area and rich did most of the planning and building. We dug down two feet to bury the chicken wire, to prevent predators. I have read that hardware mesh is the safest option but it was too expensive for our budget and will be added when we can. However, touch wood, we haven't had any issues with predators in our area and some of our neighbors have hens as well. Plus, the girls are locked away safe and sound at night.

The run started off as being partially grassed, but it is barren now. Scratch, scratch. We have plans to build a raised area with mesh or wire on so the girls can have free access to grass with out digging up the roots. I also want more plants in and around the run to make it more attractive. I planted lavender around the run. Lavender - "a stress reliever and calming agent, also acts as a natural insect repellent, and improves blood circulation" (Fresh Eggs Daily), is a beautiful and fragrant plant that I and my girls love. I also add lavender to the nesting boxes and coop. I have also read that butterfly bushes are good in and around the run. I have two in my garden and have taken softwood cutting this year already. Currently there are two rose bushes in the the run. They are protected around the base, but this doesn't stop the girl jumping up for them.

The girls are happy. At the moment when the rain comes its a mud bath in there, so we will have to find a solution to that pretty quickly. Can't wait to introduce the little girls. Speaking of little 'girls' we haven't heard any crows yet but I think we may have a couple boys on our hands. We will soon find out.

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