Going Conkers! Conker Decoration tutorial.

 Conkers are awesome! They are seeds from a horse-chestnut tree. They come out at this time of year. and at the moment they are everywhere! I came up with a cute idea to use them to decorate for Autumn. For the Project you will need.
  • Conkers
  • String or yarn
  • Scissors
  • and any beads, preserved leaves, or other autumn things you'd like to add. (I didn't put any on my first one.) 
You Will also need something to drill a hole in the conkers. My husband used his drill to put holes in mine for me. :) 
If you got you conkers like these ones here you can easily remove the outer casting by pulling  it apart. MIND THE SPIKES!

Conkers grow in this spiky outer casting until they are ready to drop. Half the fun is peeling them open to see if you got a nice one!
The casting just breaks away easily.
Once you have got all you conkers peeled and ready it time for the holes. Make sure the holes are not too big or small for the type of string your using and that a knot won't slip through it.

Then cut your string at various lengths and thread them through your conkers. Tie a tight knot in the bottom and trim the tail. You can now add any other things you have like autumn coloured beads or preserved leaves. Once your have threaded all your conkers on there strings, tie them together at the other end, or tie them to small twig if you like.
Then the Last thing to do is find a nice place to hang your cute autumn decoration. I hung this one on our porch light. I've got lots more conkers and just got a bunch of leaves so will have to make a few more. :) hope you enjoy and Happy Autumn!

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