Camping in Exmoor


We had a lovely Family Camping trip last weekend. The sun has been out and it's been glorious. We decided last minuet that we just had to get away. We decided to go to a cute little camp site in Exmoor forest. It was a great little place not too busy. Right next to the river and best bit was they allowed Campfires. A lot of campsite in the UK don't allow them. Which has always been surprising to me as we even had them in Arizona, driest of dry. (except for high fire risk times) but here where it's mostly green and lush? Perhaps we just can't be trusted. however I will just say they didn't give much instruction towards fire safety. It was great though, made they whole camping experience great. We even ordered some lovely Jet Puffed marsh mallows, my favorite! 

We took a day trip to Minehead beach. It was lovely and hot. The boys had a good play in the sand. I got to enjoy the sun and have a little nap, mind you I got a bit burnt. They got covered in sand and enjoyed some 'sand'wiches. We had a nice walk around, and enjoyed ice creams and cream teas. Looking forward to more family trips over the summer.

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