We had a lovely Family trip to the bowling ally the other day. It was so nice to get out and do something different. turns out I really stink at bowling as my Two year old even beat me :) Alexander won! Richard was second and Luke third. We had a really nice time. We played one game and then had some games in the arcade. Luke really loved the motorbike. 

I've had a nasty cols since last weekend so we haven't done much else. Also the weather this week as been really unpleasant. really ready for the sunshine and paddling pool days to come. Richard and I went on our date night on the weekend. We had a really nice meal out. We also got free drinks as it took so long for our food to arrive. we were planning to go to the cinema to see World War Z, but it would have ended at 1am and that was rather late. We had a great time and are trying to have more date nights together. 

I have been driving again. Back behind the wheel at last. I still have confidence and think I would be much better in an automatic. Richards says I'm doing fine though and with more practice It will become second nature. We will see. I have to take my test again soon though. 

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