Hello September

I can’t resist making an apple and blackberry pie at this time of year. It’s still warm outside and the berries glisten in the sunshine. How lucky are we to have brambles in our garden! They go perfectly with fresh apples from James mum’s neighbour’s garden (what a mouthful). A whole glut of cooking apples to use and fresh picked blackberries. You really can't beat the smell of crispy pastry and bubbling blueberries straight from the oven. Why does the wait for it to cool down seem so long?

The blackberries were early this year due to the hot weather and whereas the season would normally be just starting, we are using up the last few. We had a long period of no rain, but the garden is looking less parched now after a week of rain. The leaves are still a gorgeous green and aren’t yet showing the signs of autumn. Still a few roses budding and flowers growing. I can’t resist buying sunflowers from the supermarket though. Their beautiful bright colour and big bold faces cheer me up on the rainiest of days.

We managed to get the retro Cabanon tent set up in the garden last night. It took all of two hours to set up. Modern tents are far easier to erect. Once I got the fairy lights in and put up the cute curtains that came with it, it was very sweet indeed. Luke, Alexander and his friend all slept in there last night after enjoying some roasted marshmallows on the fire. James and I preferred the comfort of our own bed. There is something lovely about sitting around a camp fire. I think I might build a permanent firepit for the garden so that we can sit out there more often.

After a fun evening of laughter, a big yummy breakfast is always in order. I made my favourite Jamie Oliver pancakes in the griddle. You can find the recipe here. Separating and whipping the eggs is an added fuss, but its so worth it. 

After a filling breakie, we’ve had a pretty relaxing Saturday afternoon. The boys are playing quietly upstairs and Luke is hunting bugs in the garden. James has been working hard turning our shippon into a habitable fun zone. Still trying to decide how we can round off this fun Saturday with an equally fun evening activity. What are your favourite family weekend activities? Let me know. Have a good one.

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