My little allotment

Way back in March my wonderful husband agreed to make me some raised beds for my garden for my birthday. It was a fun and exhausting project, but has paid off ten fold. The first task was to figure out how many raised beds we could fit. I came up with the plan and trolled Pinterest for ideas and plans. In the end I decided on two 3 foot by 6 foot, one 2 foot by 6 foot and a larger 3 foot by 9 foot one at the top. I measured up the ground and marked it out the string so we could see what it was like. We kept it like that for a while to get used to it (We are doing the same for the pond we are going to dig out). The next step was to source the timber. We had to find affordable, untreated timber that was going to last. We got lucky! We took a trip to B&Q and found massive lengths of decking on sale. It only issue was getting them home. In the end Rich and I had to cut them all up outside the shop into the pieces we needed for the beds and then get them in and on the car.
Once home the work began, I made two of them and rich the others. We used 2"by 4" as corner posts and dug them into the ground. Rich did the final fitting and leveling off. They were in place and I loved them. Then we had to fill them. This was an expensive venture. We got two tons of top quality soil. The only problem was the company delivered by pallet and and had to deliver it to a level area. So in the end they were able to put it across the road in the lay by where we park. We live on a rather busy road and I had to lug two tons of soil with a wheelbarrow and spade across the road and through the garden. I finished in about 10 hours. It was hard work but it was done. By this point I had already planed the whole garden and every plant that would go in in the first year and it was nearly time for planting, I'll save that for another post. We have had a very successful first year in the garden, with plenty more still to harvest. It's been very exiting and therapeutic few months, but I am constantly learning.

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