Little Ladies... hopefully!!

We have expanded the flock. We know have a total of 7 Chickens! That's 7 eggs a day, that's 49 eggs a week, that's 196 eggs a month! I kept telling myself we would expand slowly, but who am I kidding, chickens are amazing. They are so sweet and all have different personalities. Ginny and Princess and really changed since Ginny passed there  seems to be a constant battle of who at the top on the pecking order. They fight over slugs where there are two and tend to peck each other when eating. They aren't rough or vicious at all just letting each other know I'm not backing down. So we are going to have a world of fun introducing the new five girls in a couple weeks time.
For the moment, they are in their separate house and run and are in quarantine. It won't be long and we will move them to the outside of the big girls run for a few weeks, then we will but their run inside the big run and keep in there for a few weeks and then see how they get on.
We are all very exited about the new girls, I say girls but there is a chance that they could still be cockerels. Unfortunately, we would defiantly not be keeping any cockerels, and they would be returned to the farm. So the little *fingers crossed* girls names are-


She is a silver laced Wyandotte. She is very cute and the smallest of the gang. Not all her feathers are through yet.

Astrid and Chloe-

They are gorgeous Araucana's, they are the largest and most confident of the group. They have beautiful colors and only a slight difference in their eyes to tell them apart. These girls will lay blue eggs! 



Fleur is a lovely calm Light Sussex. She is very gentle and calm. Her and Buffy seem to always be together black and white :) 

Last but not least


She is a Warren crossed with light Sussex by accident. She is very sweet and have a lovely color. 

I will post more updates as the 'girls' grow. They are 8 weeks old today. So will be a while before they lay. We are just enjoying there cuddliness until they get bigger.

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