Spring has Sprung.

 Edwina on her roost

 Princess Leia


What a busy weekend we had. I had a lovely mothers day and did everything I wanted to do. My Boys both made me beautiful cards that I will treasure forever. We made little progress with the chickens run this weekend as we've been working on another big project that I will tell you about later. The girls are so happy here and enjoying there new home very much. Monday Ginny laid her first egg. We were all very exited. She was in and out of the nest box all morning so I knew something was up, When she came out a bit later I went to check and sure enough she had done it! Princess Leia and Edwina have a few weeks to go I think as their combs and wattles are still small and pale. Ginny's little egg takes pride of place in the kitchen window, but for how much longer i wonder. :) 
My beautiful Hellebores are out and showing there dark purple faces as the first signs of color in the garden, Gardener world did a whole spot on them on friday, 'the Jewels of the early spring border', and they very much are in our garden. 

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