Law School and Life

The majority of my time is spent in the books these days, and by books I mean the endless hours of reading of the computer screen from the OU. I shouldn't complain because deep down I love it and I am so glad to be back in education. Studying law is very different that anything I ever thought I would do. I am terrible at mathematics, and always enjoyed history. Figuring I wouldn't get far with a history degree, law was the next best thing. It's history and remembering things all rolled into one. I must admit it is dry at times and makes you want to rip your eyes out, but I am enjoying it. 
I must mention that I have had little time for creative pursuits, since starting last year. What free time I do have goes to my husband, my kids and cleaning the house. I do have some free time here and there to get little things done. I started working on a cute jumper for my niece yesterday, but hope I'll get it done before she out grows it. Thanks for listening. 

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