Palieo, Gluten Free, Atkins, Quinoa...say what?

I've been out of the diet scene too long. It's all another language to me now. But I don't need a fancy diet to loose weight. I know what is good for me. I know what is bad for me. I know that I need to eat what I will burn and burn what I eat. I know if I want to loose weight I eat less that what I will burn. Simple as that. Why put a fancy title on it? So... I won't. I'm not on a 'diet'. I want to change my life and the way I eat and my body will change too. That's the idea anyway. I don't want a plan. I don't want to write everything down. Because, I know I won't stick to it. If I just make a conscious change, I think It will work. I hope it will work.

 By the way I love Quinoa.

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