Baby's, Bunnies and Preschool

Luke having started Pre-school is bittersweet. I can't believe my baby boy is growing up so quick. Though I have loads of time to get my school work done, I still very much miss his little noises. I still find myself creeping around the house as though he were having a nap. The house is very quiet when he is gone. It's only two days a week but feels like loads. He absolutely loves it. On a plus side I have to ride my bike to go and get him, and have lost weight. Thank goodness. It's a start but I'm getting there. 

The very few free hours I have in the day I have been spending knitting. This is mostly in the evening, when the boys have gone to bed, while watching Johnathan Creek. I was attempting to make this cute little baby till I ran out of wool. So while I was waiting for the wool to be delivered, with a little legless baby, I started this little cutie. Until I got to the eyes and realised I had none left. So, while I wait for the wool and eyes, I am making his little dungarees in navy blue. It takes a lot longer to finish projects when your so busy.  Anyway, I have a paper to write and laundry to do, and a whole lot of social science book to read. Have a lovely week. 

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