Luke Love's Muffins.

Nothing cheers little monkey up like baking some banana muffins with mummy. Many would see those brown soft bananas as food for the compost. In our house I love it when there are enough brown bananas for bread. Even Richard was begging to eat some and he hates bananas. I tried I new recipe today. That you can find HERE. They are scrummy. 

The weather has been marvelous. The boys and I rode our bikes to the lake today after school for an ice cream. We are so fortunate to live in the country, right next to a lovely lake. However the fun in the sun maybe cut short for Luke as it looks like he might be coming down with Chicken Nuggets (that's what we call Chicken Pox in our house.) At least it will be out the way though. I haven't yet had it either so here's to hoping if i do it's mild. 

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