Christmas Time.

Here I am blogging months after my last blog, just goes to show how busy Christmas time can be. Luckily, I am sitting here blogging with a fantastic homemade latte as my husband got me a wonderful machine for Christmas. A Nespresso. Oh it's so nice. Anyone who really likes coffee i suggest you buy one of theses machines. Great coffee minimal effort. We have had a great christmas this year. Hard not to get a bit sad though when your family is on the otherside of the world. But it's also amazing to carry on doing things you did as a child with your children.
We always try to keep some traditions going at Chistmastime. We always buy each other christmas PJ's and wrap them up to open on Christmas eve. We always make a wish while stirring the christmas cake. We always hide the pickle. Anyway hope you all had a lovely christmas. Here are a few snapshots from the holiday season in our family.

Happy Christmas and hope you all have a lovely New Year! 

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