Spring break zoo trip

I took my little monkeys to the zoo this week. We have had a hectic and busy first few months of the year. This has been the first week we have been able to chill and spend quality time together.

Luke and Alexander had a fab time at the zoo and it was a nice treat for me to spoil them. They were on their best behaviour. Luke got a bit exhausted towards the end. He was diagnosed with ASD last week. I will write an individual post on this when we receive his full report and I have fully processed how this will change our future.

Today we have cleaned and made banana bread, as the rain has returned. We were lucky to have the sun shining brightly over the easter weekend. We filled our time with gardening, sun bathing, and time at the beach. I have only had to do snipits of work here and there, which is nice. I am coming to the end of my Bachelors degree now, so will have lots of work ahead to complete my final assignments.

Luke decided on whole sea bass and mussels for dinner so I am off to cook for them now!

Big love!

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