Where did summer go?

It's been a long summer. The weather has been okay, not very warm but not too much rain. We have been having great fun, with days out, and a trip to Weymouth. There are plenty of jobs in the garden to do. In March Richard made me some raised beds and they are doing really well. We've got Peas, Leeks, Parsnips, Courgettes, Lettuce, Cabbage, Carrots, Herbs, Sweet Corn, Kale, Onions, Garlic, Butternut squash, Pumpkins and swede. We also have had a great crop of beans this year. We grew Potatoes in sacks and the green house is full of tomatoes and cucumbers. I have had great success with many different flowers this year. I planted up some hanging baskets that are flowering well. 
On a sad note Ginny my beautiful Rhode Rock, got poorly and passed away. We noticed she had lost weight and separated her from the others. I hand fed her for four days and tried a few different treatments I read online, but unfortunately she passed in her sleep. We wasted no time in filling the void in our hearts with some babies, 7 week old chicks. I will post some pictures of them soon. 
Thumper is going through his yearly molt and looks a bit scruffy. He's been a very happy boy and is doing well. My little boys are getting bigger and bigger. Luke is starting school in September and I will be back at University. Time seems to fly by these days. I've got lots of projects lined up and hope to post some of them on here. You can follow me on Instagram @sarahcouling for updates and fun stuff more often. Finding the time to blog is harder than ever right now, I would promise to make an effort to post more often, but I always do and then fail to follow through. *face-palm* 

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