Summer has gone.


How Terribly awful that I haven't posted on my blog since July! This is a travesty. Even worse is the fact that I don't have anything interesting for you to read...
Well It's been a lovely long summer and the boys have had a whole term back at school. I started my own school back up in October so I have been busy busy busy as well. It's all go in this household. Got to see my lovely mother in October and my cousins wedding. But as of late its been back to the daily grind. Sleep, eat, mum, repeat. ;) Uni is going well. Calling it uni makes me feel young so I will continue to do so for as long as I can get away with it. Law School is just as I thought it would be and I am learning to like it. My first assignment this term is due Wednesday, so that why I am writing here...procrastinate much. No, in all fairness I have been working on it all day and need a change of pace and a G n' T. Craftwise I have done nothing exiting at all. OMG that's a complete lie. I forgot to post about my first entry in the Chew Stoke Harvest Home. I bagged a few prizes. despite my best efforts I didn't get any firsts, doh! But two seconds and a third aren't bad for a first go. Millie on the other hand won first prize in the dog show for boniest puppy!! and then 6th place over all. That's my girl. She now has some lovely rosettes to show off. Now autumn is in full swing I hope to post a bit more frequently on here. back to once a week at least. Such a lazy bones! bye for now.

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