Half Term

A whole week with these two monkeys. What will we do!? No sign of the weather improving this week. We only have one thing planned and that is to see the new Lego movie. However, we haven't decided on a day yet. Also, we've got the council round tomorrow to start the work on the garden and they sill haven't been able to fix the roof as it's been such awful weather. And with more rain and misery on the forecast it looks as though mummy's going to have to come up with so rainy day fun.... We will see how that goes. Today has gone well so far. Most of the time the boys play well together. Just a couple of arguments here and there. I have got on a got all the cleaning and laundry done. So the rest of the week is just family time....and school work for me (I don't get half terms). Looking forward to spending a lovely week with my lovely boys. Have a good one.

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