A Lovely Day For A Pony Ride.

So thankful for lovely friends. We had a lovely sunny Saturday. It made a nice change from the weather that we have been having. One of the many perks of living in the countryside is you can enjoys the sun in peace and quite. My lovely friend took us up to meet her ponies,  Jenta and Arnie. Alexander Loved having a ride on Jenta and even got to have a little trot. The very lovely Ella showed us her skills as well. We had a wonderful time. It was a taste of hopefully what a wonderful summer we're going to have. 
Been spring cleaning most of today. We have a lot of stuff and it doesn't really fit in our little flat. It's important to stay organized, when we live in such a small place. It's something I have been struggling with since we moved in. Hopefully we will move in the next few years and get a house. 

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