A Tidy Desk...for now.

In an effort to start getting tidier, I cleaned my desk last week. I tend to keep most things organized. It's just when I get new papers and Mail it all ends up in the same place a huge messy pile all over my desk. We got our desks about 1 1/2 years ago now, from Ikea. Lots of our furniture is from Ikea, I love it there. I finally have my desk how I want it. (mind you I change my mind so often, it may not last.) I bought a file from Ikea ages ago and I just painted it blue and lined it with nice paper as It really didn't suit. I now have that to keep mail and Incoming things organized. I must remember to clear it out once a month though and toss and file. 
We also got the cute rails and cubbies to put pens and things in that you see all over Pinterest. I tend not to use them anymore as I have lots of pens. I keep pens and tools in cute tupperware  that stacks easily. 
As there is no real storage on our desks i.e. draws, I have boxes that look quite nice on the desk to keep other things in order.  They will go really nice with the color I have picked to paint the kitchen/office. I used to have lots of trinkets on my desk but I find that it soon seems cluttered do I have moved them elsewhere, and it is much better. I dare not show you how it looks today a week on though as it hasn't really stayed as clear as I intended. But hey I'm working on it. 

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