Hi Guys! Today has been a stressful one. Rich and I were up a lot in the night as this little fella has caught some sort of virus.( Fingers crossed for 24hours only ) But that doesn't stop him looking a little darling in photos. 
I have been figuring out why everyone else takes lovely photos and I don't. It's called photoshop!! It is so simple now. As you can see the original photo was under exposed and just plain dark. But it's hard to help that on a rainy day in England when you don't have a home studio or any lights. That's where photoshop comes in! As my camera really starts to fail in low light and it's is getting old now (could do with a nice new CMOS sensor one), I will have to resort to this great program for now. But as you can see it really works wonders. Have a good day! 


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