Alexander's First Day Of School

Yesterday was a big day! My little baby boy started school. He's been so exited about it! He had his cute little uniform on and his little book bag. He looks more like a big boy than ever before. We walked to school and he was so exited to go in! He wasn't frightened at all. When he got home he had gotten three stickers! Of course i had a little cry on the way home from dropping him off. My big boy all grown up! Any way I managed to get some pictures of him. I tried to get some nice smiling ones but if you know Alexander, then you know he would rather have goofy ones! so here they are!


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  1. I love these pictures! Definitely looks great giving the thumbs up! A couple people at work were saying "oh boy at that age always cry, did he cry?" Of course not! Alexander is such a superstar!! You should feel so proud, of Alexander and yourself...I am!! :D Love you! xxx